Jenna Karl

Jenna Karl

Kia ora, I'm Jenna Karl aka the madness behind the markers. 

My art mashes two different sides of my life together to create this eclectic ‘smoosh’ of creepy-cute radness. I’ve always been drawn to the creepier side of life. Yes to skulls, bats, black and everything Halloween! But also yes to cuteness. Yes to unicorns, plushies, rainbows and cupcakes. Who says these things cannot co-exist in art, and in life? Not I. Unique is chic.

I embrace inspiration from the strange. Whether that be a horror film, punk rock or a unicorn kitten. I hope you find something to resonate with your brand of special within my illustrations. 

If you wear one of my tees, send me a photo! I’d love to see how you’re rocking it! 

Nga Mihi, Jenna Karl

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